Social Worker Supervisor

Professional supervision and guidance for Social Workers, new graduates and Support Workers.

Social Workers 

and New Graduates

I have a deep passion and motivation to see more Social Workers in General Practice.

I offer reflective, educational, administrative and supportive supervision options or a combination of all or some.

I see supervision as an opportunity to create a

Let me support you to achieve what you want for yourself and your developing career.

Supporting workplace

General Practice Employers

Have you considered adding a Social Worker to your team?

Have you considered offering a Social Worker student a placement in your Practice?

Social Workers can offer clinical input and support from a social perspective.

Social Workers can support your staff to access social resources.

I would be more than happy to discuss the benefits of a Social Worker or student joining your team.

Please contact me to discuss.


Dalice | Sup 4 the Soul

I am an experienced, Registered Social Worker employed in General Practice and have been for approximately six years. I have gained extensive knowledge of what is required to meet the social needs of General Practice.

I am happy to receive enquiries from educational institutes, employers, Social Workers, new graduates and support workers to discuss my experience and how I can help.

What people say…

In my role, I regularly liaise and work collaboratively alongside Dalice, around the needs of her clients. Dalice has a comprehensive understanding of general practice and how social work fits within this. She has developed sound systems to support the role of a social worker within a busy practice.

Dalice has a natural warmth and ability to connect with both colleagues and clients and she displays a very ethical and professional manner at all times. Dalice is very client centred and strives to meet her client’s needs in a realistic, yet sensitive way.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work alongside Dalice.

Nikki Nute
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