Professional external supervision services

Sup 4 the Soul™ provides professional supervision  and bespoke services across the motu to a range of multidisciplinary professionals working in the ‘human’ field. 

Kia ora, my name is Dalice Pinnell and I am a fully registered Social Worker. Because of this, I supervise within the expectations of The Social Worker Registration Board. However, I provide supervision to multidisciplinary professions and am flexible in finding a more bespoke fit for what you or your agency may desire or need.

I know first hand that this mahi can be tough and because of this I strive hard to bring more wairua and balance into the mahi and lives of professionals working in this space. I believe when we have balance, we bring more authenticity, clearer intention, and calm onto our mahi and the lives of those we engage with and support.

 The models below provide a glimpse into what guides me in my every day practice. The number 4 in ‘Sup4theSoul’ reminds me every day to consider the four walls of Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Wha model. The beautiful lotus reminds me that we can use ‘mud and murky waters’ to reach our full potential and like the petals wrapping around the bud, people thrive best when they are surrounded in support and aroha.

My Ngai Tahu heritage means my tupuna and ancestors walk gently alongside me also.

I believe that …..

“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, but to be in amongst those things and still remain calm in your heart”.



My Vision

To create a safe haven for social workers and allied professionals to feel supported.

My Mission

To provide a safe environment that nurtures conversation and individuals growth as professionals who are intentional and authentic in their practice.

My Values

Manaakitanga: To provide hospitality and move in a space of kindness, compassion, aroha and support. 

Courage: To be brave, to have mental and moral strength, to persevere and to move through difficulties with ease and grace. To stand in mana.

Aroha: To extend charity, compassion, empathy, care and kindness.

Authenticity: To support mana. To be true to my personal and professional values, my passion, vision and spirit/wairua. To be honest, transparent and to ensure values, ideals, and actions align.

Whakapakari: To support others to aspire to be the best they can be through education, ethics and professionalism.





Social Worker Supervisor support
person centered perspective

Dalice takes a person-centred approach to provide wrap-around support when needed and to ultimately empower you to feel connected and resourceful in your mahi.


Dalice takes a biopsychosocial approach to develop a holistic wellbeing framework to maximise your self-care and practice.

person centered perspective

Dalice delivers uses the four pillars (in particular) of Te Whare Tapa Wha model (thanks Mason Durie!) to create more balance to your spiritual, mental/emotional, physical and whanau realms.


Your development will lead to feelings of safety in your practice, sound self esteem and greater self actualization of who you want to be in your practice.

It’s all about you.

Your supportive holistic wellbeing frameworks will empower you to thrive and flourish.

Together, let’s create a “Super-Vision” for you!

Sup 4 the Soul’s dream
Dalice created Sup 4 the Soul™ in 2019 after deciding to pursue more balance in her own life and a strong desire to support multi-disciplinary professionals to:

Nurture self-care and prevent burn out

Explore solutions, maximise strengths and build confidence

Empower others to create overflowing ketes of skill and knowledge

Social Worker in General Practice

Dalice is passionate about creating a world where voices are heard, stories are shared and roots are acknowledged.

Where professionals feel passionate, energised, successful and authentically themselves.

Dalice encourages:

Courageous conversations
Honouring our differences to bridge misunderstanding
Collaborative cultural relationships

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About Sup4theSoul

Sup 4 the Soul™ was created by Dalice in 2019. Dalice moved from a corporate background into exploring social work in 2012. After completing her studies, she developed a service in a large multi-disciplinary medical centre, inspired by the increase in successful outcomes by incorporating a biopsychosocial approach.

Dalice has a tribe of mentors behind her including her tupuna and ancestors! She deeply values their support, skills, knowledge and points of view. Fellow Social Worker and Supervisor, Abby McCormack is part of this tribe and has often held space for Dalice. Both collaborate often and have shared many discussions and some mutual clients over the years. Both share similar views, values, styles and ethics in their practice and the service they provide.

Abby and Dalice provide bespoke workshops, often share office spaces and support eachother’s kaupapa and mahi as two individual, independent social workers and supervisors in their own private practices. If you’d like to see what she can offer, email her at: 

Social Worker Supervisor Dalice Prebble

Dalice draws on her educational knowledge, professional experience, life journey and continued professional development to support professionals through a holistic health approach with passion and determination.

Evidence shows that professionals have a high rate of burnout in today’s busy world. Dalice has navigated her own personal burnout journey and brings lived experience to support others to nurture sound self-care practice and mitigate risk. As a result, she recognised a need for wrap-around support within professional supervision services and continues to be inspired by her own tribe of mentors to help others.
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Social worker brainstorming session with Sup for the Soul

What people say…

“In my role, I regularly liaise and work collaboratively alongside Dalice, around the needs of her clients. Dalice has a comprehensive understanding of general practice and how social work fits within this. She has developed sound systems to support the role of a social worker within a busy practice.

Dalice has a natural warmth and ability to connect with both colleagues and clients and she displays a very ethical and professional manner at all times. Dalice is very client centred and strives to meet her client’s needs in a realistic, yet sensitive way. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work alongside Dalice”.

Nikki Nute
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