Let’s face it, Social Work is not always easy! Nor is any type of support work. It can be gloriously wonderful but, at times it can be a downright struggle. Sometimes you are totally aligned with the reasons for coming into the profession and other times you are swamped in deadlines, admin, demands and even fear.

So, what is it going to be this year? Are you going to start it off on the right foot? Begin to explore the reasons you got into Social Work in the first place? Prompt yourself to realign your values and beliefs about what Social Work really means to you? Really get back to the basics of how you can contribute socially, feel like you fully belong to the profession, feel optimistic about the future of your role and chosen field and express compassion and understanding every day going forward.

Do you need someone to witness your journey as a Social Worker so far? Someone who you can trust to hear you out? Someone who can support you to reconnect you to all you set out to achieve. Who can remind you of the need to really self care and make your wellness a priority? And, someone who can believe in you and has faith in you when you are feeling the struggle?

If this is you, can I encourage you to find a professional supervisor who ‘gets you’. Who will cheer for you when you’re doing great. Who can answer your call when you are feeling overwhelmed and who can support you to unpack everything you need to so that your future journey as a Social Worker is everything you dreamed it would be?

Do your homework. Research. Ask others who they see. Read profiles. Meet with atleast 3 professional supervisors and face to face wherever possible. Ask questions. Ask how they will support you.

Find someone who will have you bubbling over with enthusiasm. Who helps you to pause and reflect. Who can empower you and energise you to succeed. Who can help you to feel great about your role. Someone who can reignite your passion.

Make this the year you really connect with your professional supervisor and begin to feel fully supported and heard in what you are wanting to achieve.

Go well.