As Social Workers (or allied professionals) we know the importance of environments for people in general in order fot them to not just survive, but thrive and we know this is particularly important for children!

So, how is your workspace looking? Your home? Your bedroom? Do they need a bit of a spruce up? Do they feel welcoming, put you at ease, remind you of better things when you are having or had a tough day? Are they spaces that feel safe to you?

We also know as Social Workers (and allied professionals) that authentic self care is incredibly important. So, why not think about how you can spruce up these spaces to look after you in the workspace and when you get home.

Perhaps some frames of people you hold dear to you, some affirmations, books full of quotes or stories you like, a new set of sheets, good supportive pillows? Maybe even some fun imagery to remind you about applicable social worker models – Te Wheke – an octopus, Te Whare Tapa Wha – a cute house, Ecological Systems Theory – some brightly coloured circles inside eachother that blow in the wind to provide some movement and colour.

Maybe your workspace needs a fake window with a beautiful scene like the beach (I know someone who did this!), some plants for connection to Mother Earth/Papatuanuku, a cute water dispenser, some bright colours and/or some fresh pretty flowers.

Try googling ideas and check out my space at home for supervisees. I even added some fresh, live lavendar which has been a big hit with supervisees!

Whatever it is. Really dig deep for ideas and make them heartfelt to support your wairua and JOY.

Let’s finish the year off with some positivity and fresh spaces!