I recently completed the Dare to Lead program offered by Boma in New Zealand and created after years of research by my fave social worker – Brene Brown.

What a wonderful few days it was!

Learning to remove my armour, enter the arena and safely rumble was humbling to learn about. Listening in on how to be brave, lean into vulnerability and learn about creating courageous cultures and much needed organisational change was incredibly helpful. Discussing resilience, my values and the values I want for my organisation were just some of the things we touched on.
I’d liken it to ‘Emotional Regulation for Adults’.

It got me thinking and feeling alot and realising that as a social worker and in working with social workers and similar, many aspects of our professional lives can be really challenging and how invaluable these tools are.

I’m sprucing up my language, I’m being bolder and braver and I’m learning even more about fostering trust.

I’m bringing some of the concepts into my supervision sessions where appropriate and I intend to be real brave very shortly and to not only step fully into this kind of space and energy, but to provide and allow others to move within the same space.

What brave activity will you do this week? Have that difficult conversation you have been putting off? Feel into the fear and do it anyway? Allow yourself to be wildly vulnerable?
Go on – I dare you 🙂