MIstakes! Aren’t they glorious learning curves? I write this as I think again about my previous blog posts where I made several mistakes and simply typed what I thought and hit ‘POST’ without thinking too much about the ‘But, I need to’…. and ‘I forgot to add……’

As Social Workers, we adhere to certain ethics and one I love in particular is about acting with moral courage in situations that make us feel challenged, uncomfortable and uncertain. It goes on to explain that we need to use critical reflection and questioning to work our way through these situations.

Don’t you love that? Isn’t this what life is all about whether we are Social Workers or not? Isn’t this exactly what clients struggle with, people in general struggle with, the human race struggles with? I am a professional and I act in accordance with this at all times but, I am also human and being human is what connects us. If I can’t be human, how can I expect this of the people I work with?

Isn’t this the very thing that connects us, supports us to be real, transparent and authentically ourselves?

I hope so and I hope anyone reading this feels just that little bit more human by seeing my mistakes out there’ in the flesh for all to see.