My journey of honouring my Ngai Tahu heritage

My journey of honouring my Ngai Tahu heritage

I have known for a long time that I am of Ngai Tahu descent but, being Pakeha/Kiwi has always been at the fore front of that story. I recall my Mum and Dad talking about my Grandma and her Dad being Maori and that there was family land somewhere down South, but that...

Being real, transparent and authentic.

MIstakes! Aren’t they glorious learning curves? I write this as I think again about my previous blog posts where I made several mistakes and simply typed what I thought and hit ‘POST’ without thinking too much about the ‘But, I need to’.... and ‘I forgot to add......’...

I have discovered writing blogs is a bit like Social Work

Hi, I'm Dalice and I am a Social Worker based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I work in the health field. I love it and over the years I realised that I have stored away loads of information and had something to offer to others so I moved into additionally offering...

What is Social Work?

So what is Social Work anyway I hear people ask. You take children away right? You’re a counsellor yeah? The list goes on. Right, so what is it? Well, to help us understand this a little more I’ve taken some descriptions from New Zealand Univerisity sites. Social work...

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