Being courageous and ‘Daring to Lead’

I recently completed the Dare to Lead program offered by Boma in New Zealand and created after years of research by my fave social worker - Brene Brown. What a wonderful few days it was! Learning to remove my armour, enter the arena...

Becoming Maori. Becoming whole.

What an incredible journey! One that I am totally loving every minute of. Past I've been a Social Worker in Aotearoa now for around ten years. During my studies, I learned about the Treaty of Waitangi and so forth. Most of that journey has been as the Pakeha I have...

Just be’

Take some time out I sit marveling at the glorious weather today knowing all to well that we just have to make the most of each beautiful sunshiny day at this time of the year! The birds are chirping, the waves are crashing and everybody seems much happier when the...

Professional External Supervision

What a gift it is! I really wish more organisations could afford it and be supported to provide it. How can we make it more affordable? More attainable? How can we learn more from colleagues across the country and further enhance the mahi of social work and similar...

Restorative, holistic professional Supervision

I believe Supervision has room for expansion. The frameworks we currently have are fantastic and much mahi/work has gone into their creation and I respect that deeply but, let's stretch it a little further to really honour the person sitting before us during the...

Prevent burn out! It’s a hard road back!

Prevent burn out! It’s a hard road back!

Being a Social Worker can be hard! I get it. My experience. I have been there, I very occasionally go back there (we are only human afterall!), and at one point, it became so hard for me that I literally dwelled there too long and became burnt out. This combined with...

Wandering Social Worker/Supervisor

Wandering Social Worker/Supervisor

O to keep wandering aimlessly around my country! A few days ago I decided to venture off on a journey with my dear Mum - Mary. I affectionately refer to it as “DrivingMissMary”. She affectionately refers to it as “GettinglostwithMissD” (Cheeky!). We headed south of...

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