How has your New Year kicked off?

Did you take some time to review how you will support others this coming year?  Have you honoured you in this process? Have you REALLY honoured you as you thought and felt your way through what you want to achieve in the way that you give to others?

Did you at least take some time out for you – be it a long soak in a bath, a wander in nature, a trip away alone or whatever it is that spins your wheels and brings you JOY. Or, did you simply transition into another year without much thought about it because there simply isn’t enough time for you in all this and you’re feeling so incredibly drained, tired and maybe even a little lost in all this demand?

Perhaps sitting down with someone who has a background in social work, health and spiritual healing will support you to clear away any debri and really get to the root of what you are wanting to achieve this year.  Perhaps you need to brainstorm with some gentle guidance or simply eat cake and drink coffee with someone who can help you identify what needs to be the most important thing for you this year. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be supported back to wellness by a tribe’ of wonderful people.

How can we connect you to a tribe of wonderful people? How can we make this year your best?

Do you desire?

A vision of what you are wanting to achieve so that you can see this really clearly in your mind.

A strong, confident voice so that you can speak your intentions and desires clearly to others.

An understanding or reminder about creating from a place of passion and desire so that you always provide genuine aroha

A strong footing in where you stand in your life so that you can be the centre of everything YOU want to achieve?

I encourage you to reach out and connect with us.

It would be an honour to witness your journey.

Go well, stand tall and create JOY wherever you go!