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Dalice is of Ngāi Tahu and Pakeha descent, but raised Pakeha never really knowing she was Maori too. She is loving the journey of exploring the duality of her heritage and increasing these concepts in her practice. Dalice is a fully registered Social Worker (No: 7586) with the Social Workers Registration Board of New Zealand (SWRB) and maintains membership with both the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) and The Tangata Whenua Social Workers Association (TWSWA). 

She has completed Margaret Morrell’s Reflective Supervision training and most recently, Nikki Weld’s workshop “Understanding Trauma and Supporting Worker Well-being. She has completed basic field training at ARA Institute at Canterbury. She has attended numerous professional development opportunites over the years and intentionally upgrades her professional development on a regular basis.

Dalice values: 

  • A strong focus on self-care and the prevention of burn-out
  • Sharing and celebrating successes
  • Nurturing relationships and collaboration
  • Life experiences and believes they are important in shaping our practice as Social Workers

Her experience as a Social Worker has been across many fields and cohorts. Her biggest cohort and experience throughout her career has been in supporting those experiencing mental health struggle. In the supervision space, she supports many in their mahi in the family violence space.

She created a social service within a large medical centre to meet the needs of approximately 12,000 patients and around 30 multi-disciplinary staff members.

Social Worker Supervisor Dalice Prebble

Dalice uses a kete of ideas, approaches, models and theories.

She enjoys and encourages discussion about Positive Psychology Theory and themes and how to use these concepts to incorporate good self-care routines.

She likes to encourage collaborative exploration of Maslow’s Hierarchy as part of building a strong foundation for professional practice.

She believes in building a strong foundation and strong supports being incorporated into professional practice and encourages discussion around Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Wha model to create ideas to strengthen  this concept.

The lotus logo represents the individual (the bud) in the centre, surrounded in support (the petals) and rooted firmly in the ground. It reminds us that as we journey through life, we sometimes enter muddy waters, but it is this experience that supports us to bloom into our full potential. 


Prior Experiences

Prior to her career in Social Worker, Dalice worked in several customer service roles and believes the experience provided her with a sound understanding of what is important to clients and supported her to more fully understand the Person Centred approach.

Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, tramping, travel, cooking, friends and whanau. She loves being near the ocean or lakes. She has a great sense of humour and loves to laugh!

She has had many experiences in her life including the Christchurch earthquakes and the total loss of her home as a result of the first quake, difficult insurance battles, the Christchurch mosque shootings, close suicide exposure, severe endometriosis, divorce and much more. 


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 ID : 615 – 652 – 7480

What People Say…

My role with Dalice was as her professional supervisor.
I experience Dalice as lively, compassionate, collaborative, self-aware and an ethical practitioner.
Dalice is a stimulating colleague with a long standing passion to see increased social work representation in general practice.

Sarah Kidd | MANZASW
Registered Social Worker