Isn’t it long overdue that we really think long and hard about supporting social workers and professionals in caring roles? A professional should feel supported just as much as those they support. What would it take to empower them to empower others? What can we do to honour their journey and their struggle alongside that of those they support?

EAP/counselling, mediation, internal supervision, team building and such like play a vital role but, how can we really get down to focusing, hearing and honouring the professional in their own space in their own way and in their own time while ensuring they feel safe?

External professional supervision I hear you all roar! OK, I hear myself roar!! A professional supervisor can empower the supervisee to feel really heard, honoured, encouraged and genuinely supported. What can top us up and give us the energy to give to others? Where else can you go to be complimented and have our good mahi spotlighted? How else can we talk frankly about the struggles we may be experiencing in our day to day lives?

New Zealand can do better. Agencies can do better, funders can do better! 2020 hasn’t been easy and let’s admit the world is a little full on of late! Lets provide space for our professionals to heal aswell if needed.Let’s provide robust frameworks that allow for this and funding and time and everything they need to give their professions their all so that in turn, our nation is supported well and we grow communities that are strong and resilient!