What a year it has been! Covid provided much growth!

For many it was a struggle as we learned to navigate the world of social media and find ways to connect with clients and other professionals. Some lost employment, loved ones, watched the lonely struggle even more and some sadly became disconnected.

For others, there was immense learning, especially in finding new ways to meet the need, new employment opportunities as organisations adapted to the changing world and many experienced much deeper connections.

Many made the most of the time to study, catch up on CPD (Continued Professional Development) and link peer supervision groups up. Observing from a distance, I think there was a fair amount of spiritual growth too as many found themselves with more time on their hands to get out in nature, talk with strangers, move more, look for answers elsewhere and really dig deep to understand what was really going on in the world and how they could find ways to adapt to the overwhelming changes.

I hope the growth was worth it especially the spiritual growth as this often where Sup4theSoul observes somewhat of a lack and if we think in terms of Te Whare Tapa Wha we know that every wall needs good amounts of strength to hold up the roof!

Sup4theSoul hopes that anything that didn’t go so well for you during 2020 can be left in 2020 and wishes you all an amazing 2021 full of wonderful opportunities, much growth, aroha and deep connections!

This year, Sup4theSoul hopes you seek out and find great professional social work supervision and continue to grow and walk in JOY and aroha during 2021.

Go well all.