So, where does intuition fit in Social Work or similar roles? Maybe it’s easy to think it doesn’t have a place because we need to ‘stick to the books’, models and theories? Maybe it’s a little frightening to trust or even look for. But, when you really look at it and relate it to the standards and ethics that we are guided by, suggested frameworks, models and theories and our practice, it can begin to look a little different.

Take SWRB standard one for example and in particular the reference to demonstrating Te Manaakitanga. Isn’t intuition about enhancing your mana, respecting cultural uniqueness, standing tall and confidently in your practice, being welcoming, sharing humility and aroha and creating not only safe spaces for clients but ourselves too?

How about, SWRB standard five which refers to promoting social change and contributing to policy making to create systems and structures responsive to those who use them. I use them and I use them to support clients and supervisees. I encourage this so that I am responsive to them and myself and try to ensure that any impact I make is positive. Is room for further exploration and korero here?

And what about Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Wha model and the spiritual aspect in particular? For me, this means being connected to my ancestors, tuning into a ‘knowing’ about what is ‘OK’ or not in a certain situation or sensing a feeling when I enter a home for example. And, it’s also about my matakite and what I want and see for the future of Social Work, my practice, my mahi and those that I support. And, ensuring as best I can that I am honouring those that this is important to.

And, it’s also about creating JOY and feeling passion during my mahi so that I work from a space of connection and understanding and tune into what is positive and mana enhancing for those I support so that they too can experience the same. Isn’t this the very essence of the Person Centred model?

I challenge you to think about it, comment, begin korero and create courageous conversations so that we can explore it a little more. I’d love to hear your thoughts.