Take some time out

I sit marveling at the glorious weather today knowing all to well that we just have to make the most of each beautiful sunshiny day at this time of the year! The birds are chirping, the waves are crashing and everybody seems much happier when the sun shines.


The last few years in Christchurch has shown us more than ever that life and time is precious. World events has shown an even bigger light on this. Who would have ever predicting the earthquakes, the mosque shootings, COVID and a crazy ever increasing housing market increase? Who would have thought our lives could be so repeatedly shaken up (pun intended) and what has it taught us? What insight has it provided us with? What is the world/Universe trying to tell us?

Personalise it

For me, it’s just this….taking the time to sit and marvel at the wonderful sunshine, to slow down, to literally stop rushing, to release the pressure valve on stress and to just be AND to be OK’ being’!
Today for example, I had a leisurely breakfast with a dear friend, took my car for a WOF, walked over for a coffee at one of my fave cafes with another friend while I waited, went home and threw open all the windows and turned off the heat pumps to let the house fill with fresh air, met with my business mentor and sat down to write this. Instead of racing off to sort some invoices, clean, answer some emails and so on.
I am just going to be and I am going to be OK with just being’.

Wishes for you

I sincerely hope you can ‘just be’ too. I hope you make time for it, that you wallow in it for longer than you think you should and that you don’t rush back to the ‘real world’ that all too often lately seems to be spinning a little too fast!

Just be.

Aroha and light.