What a journey is has been! I love it and I feel empowered and incredibly grateful to be having the experience!
Who would have thought you can learn so much? I have supervisees from all sorts of backgrounds and so my knowledge keeps growing. It really is awesome.
There is nothing more lovely to watch than another person learning to find their voice, set boundaries, explore ways to practice more safely, feel safe and have their journey honoured.
Along the way, I have created a wee tribe of supporters and mentors and they have lifted me up every day since this journey began, encouraging me, strengthening my wings, honouring my voice and empowering me by patting me on the back regularly.
This is what I want and try hard to provide to the supervisees I support.
My wee office space was recently described as a room of zen. Don’t you love that?! The visitor encouraged another visitor to ‘just go in there and sit’ – absorb the space and read the walls. I love that! It makes me feel proud that I have created exactly what I intended.
Most recently I hired a marketing person who really ‘got me’ and helped me rewrite the website. She understood that I didn’t want to be ‘in anyone’s face’ or repetitive like some marketing people and that I didn’t feel social work was a place for this. We brainstormed and laughed and I am very happy with the result. It now feels more like what I had intended. It encourages courageous conversations and nurturing and empowerment and I feel like I have honoured that part of me that wants the same for others.
Like life, it’s work in progress – a dynamic journey of overflowing ketes and aroha.
Thank you Michelle