Being a Social Worker can be hard! I get it.

My experience.
I have been there, I very occasionally go back there (we are only human afterall!), and at one point, it became so hard for me that I literally dwelled there too long and became burnt out. This combined with several other health issues (Anxiety, depression and anxiety related IBS) was not easy to come back from.

I struggled to balance the expectations placed on me in a new role and to meet everyone’s needs. The Universe threw in some random additional challenges (as it can do!) and the perfect storm had well and truly formed. I was stopped dead in my tracks unable to work.

How could I not see the warning signs?
Reflecting back, I can see the warning signs. They were in fact, incredibly obvious, like screaming neon signs lit up on a dark night. But, I thought I could manage, that I’d come right, that I just needed a holiday, some time AND I was terrified of asking for help. Sometimes, I wish I had done things differently because it was so incredibly painful!

New plan! New way of living!
What would I do different? What do I do different now? What are some of the basics? The foundation?

I’d develop a stronger, wider professional peer support/supervision/mentor group (tick)
I’d monitor myself from a holisitic framework (tick)
I’d learn and apply strict boundaries (tick)
I’d learn to say no more often (tick)
and most importantly…
I’d fuel my mahi from my passion and hold my needs at the centre of it all first and foremost (tick).

Want to learn from my mistakes?
Want to be the best Social Worker you can possibly can be?
Want to make your mahi more rewarding and less challenging?

First off – Find yourself a great supervisor!
Use your professional supervision and learn to use it really well.
To maximise the time.
To be prepared for each session (and the coming year, including your CPD!) knowing exactly what you want to tick off each time. Brainstorm.
Set goals.
Learn in different ways.

Find someone who really gets you and wants the best for you. Someone you can trust and really offload to without fear and finally and most importantly, find someone who puts YOU at the centre of the sessions.

Put you first!
Start with you. Honour you and promise yourself that you will become the centre of your everything, so you in turn, can place your clients at the centre of their everything.