Lately, I have been pondering (yes, more often than usual!) the incredible gift the opportunity of external supervision can bring to those lucky enough to be part of a partnership that explores professional practice.
What a glorious gift! To come and quietly sit with another who has no agenda, who is ready and willing to sit and listen without judgement, explore your ideas to improve your practice and to just simply ‘be’ with you in your journey.
Not everyone receives it and that alone is worth pondering. Being a professional supervisor, I am aware of both sides and I truly believe and know that external supervision can bring incredible value to the practitioner. Even if, in it’s simplest form, it is just to be heard.
And, I have to say, it has given me incredible knowledge and understanding also. My own practice AND practise has grown exponentially and I feel incredibly blessed to be offering and experiencing this.
What an honour it is to be part of another’s journey! Watching another shape their management of complex cases, reflect on their month, take a moment to deeply breathe, to brainstorm ideas, to put some ‘baggage’ down, to release thoughts into the ethos or onto paper! I AM blessed.
I do hope we see more agencies move to providing external supervision as part of the package they offer!
So, I challenge you. Explore it, discuss it with your agency, look for the value in it, talk to others that receive it, heck, book in a complimentary appointment with a supervisor!
Go well all.