What a gift it is!

I really wish more organisations could afford it and be supported to provide it. How can we make it more affordable? More attainable?

How can we learn more from colleagues across the country and further enhance the mahi of social work and similar professions? How can we connect more and empower each other as a profession?

We know as humans that partnership is a beautiful thing and being heard and witnessed in our journeys can move mountains!

We all need safe spaces to reflect, to deeply feel, to improve and to rest. We need fresh ideas, tools, to ensure we are meeting expectations and enjoying the roles we are in. We all need time to brainstorm ways to manage our work loads and our lives! So, why is it difficult to achieve this for the very people who likely need it the most?

If we can’t look after our social workers and other helping professions, what will become of the clients?

How do we ensure accountability, explore culture and grow our own unique practice?

In this day and age and more than ever, we need to connect, to slow down, to not be pushed, to be empowered, to not be so busy – yet all of these things all too regularly occur occur from what I can see.

One thing is for sure, social workers and others in caring roles will ‘manage’ – they always do. What miracle workers they are!

They’ll keep giving it their all, fighting for the underdog, giving people a voice, housing people, feeding people, holding dying hands and they’ll keep getting up every day striving to be the best they can. Because it takes someone special to fill these roles. You have to have drive, respect, dignity, empathy and a whole lot of positivity. Your ketes need to overflow and way down in your boots your strength has to be great.

Quality external supervision gives social workers what they have committed to giving so freely to others. Is that really too much to ask for?

Always with aroha,