I believe Supervision has room for expansion.

The frameworks we currently have are fantastic and much mahi/work has gone into their creation and I respect that deeply but, let’s stretch it a little further to really honour the person sitting before us during the session. To deeply connect with them and thank them for all they are achieving in their mahi/work. I believe Supervision should connect you with your wairua, spirit or whatever you perceive that to be as well/more and if needed or desired.

I’d like to see Supervision that supports the supervisee to restore themselves back to a place where they existed before they become perhaps a little bruised, battered, confused or overworked. A place where they feel witnessed, heard, seen and they walk away feeling connected to something bigger than they did before they arrived.

For me, it involves the sharing of kai and manaakitanga so that you leave feeling respected, nurtured, real fuelled and deeply cared for in all that they have spoken of during the session. It peels the layers back (if desired) and reminds them of the reasons they were drawn to the profession in the first place and why they have a deep desire to care for others.

It leaves them feeling JOYful, proud and delighting in the little things in life that we tend to overlook in our busy days. They leave and take the time to focus on the face of an older man sitting on a park bench and witnessing perhaps his loneliness or fear. Or, maybe it’s a toddler attempting to kick a ball on little legs not yet grown and the sheer JOY and mana of her Father watching on. It’s taking the time to breathe, connect, ground and explore what else life has to offer.

  • Supervision can be about being reminded to slow down and literally putting this into action.
  • Supervision can be about restoring your self back to a better place.

I encourage you to ponder some of these ideas in your next session.
Deep aroha,