Sup4theSoul offers you:


Planning around professional development






A record of supervision attendance


Quality time to Identify what you want to achieve



Let’s get passionate about your role

When we share our ketes, we:

  • Empower each other
  • Develop good self-care routines
  • Practice safely
  • Feel heard
  • Feel honoured
  • Feel nourished
  • Thrive!
Social worker brainstorming session with Sup for the Soul

"In my role in mental health brief intervention in medical practices, I am very fortunate to have Dalice as a colleague. She collaborates constructively with all members of the practice team and always keeps patients’ concerns at central focus with unfailing professionalism, warmth, humour and integrity. The social work profession has benefited enormously from her innovative contributions to making primary health care the one-stop community resource it needs to be".

Terry Donovan
Clinical Psychologist

"My knowledge of Dalice is that she is a committed and dedicated social worker who is clear about her professional role, acts with integrity and within an ethical framework at all times".

Gythlian Loveday, Registered Social Worker

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