Complimentary, sessions to hear more about what I offer, explore what you are looking for and determine whether we may be a good fit.


Online or in person sessions here in Mairehau, Otautahi.


Social Worker Registration Board S13/Experience pathway support.


Burnout? Unwell? Struggling? - Restoration and back to work planning


Need some exercise or fresh air? Try Sūp and Walk or Sūp and Sit.


Need some extra personal support? Or soothing supportive relaxation?

Try my Reiki offering, mirimiri, whitiwhiti korero/talking mirimiri or my signature offering – Meraki – a combination of reiki and mirimiri.


Resource development, professional development exploration, structure, workshops, peer facilitation, a record of attendance and more.

Let’s get passionate about your role, your practice and what you want to achieve!

Let’s begin by:

Exploring your professional goals and defining what you wish to accomplish. 

Social worker brainstorming session with Sup for the Soul

Supervision Services

Complimentary, explorative sessions

Book yourself in at no cost to explore your needs, my needs and to determine whether we are an ideal partnership. And, if you are wanting to talk about the Social Workers Registration Board S13 application and possibility of support – use this option too.

Please do ensure that you have spoken with and/or submitted your CV to the Social Worker Registration Board prior to speaking with me as per the SWRB suggestion.

Please know that I cannot determine your eligibility for this application in any way. I can however help you with the application process by providing some general tips and similar on how to navigate the paperwork process itself. I have completed this process myself.

  Supervision sessions

Book yourself in for your ongoing, regular supervision sessions. This can be the usual varying supervision options such as clinical, administrative, educational or supportive. Or, a combination of all. It all depends on you and your needs. I will adapt! I am very person-centred and bespoke. Let’s make it work for you. Use this option too if you are wanting support with the SWRB S13 application

  Sūp and Walk
Let’s walk and talk. This way we can get some holistic support and balance while feeding the soul with sunshine, exercise, and connection to Papatuanuku. I offer the options of Travis Wetlands, The Beach or The Gardens.
  Sūp and Sit
As above, but we’ll sit and get grounded as well. I offer the Beach, The Gardens or the wee lake in Laguna Gardens, Shirley.
  Holistic Coaching
We’ll take a deeper look at you as the whole person that you are including your Soul or Wairua. We’ll explore your deeply held core beliefs, your values, your work/life balance, your personal drivers, your JOY and we’ll throw in some tools like meditation or mindfulness. As always, it’s totally up to you, but let’s look at creating your ‘Best Self’!

Let’s grow. Let’s thrive.

"In my role in mental health brief intervention in medical practices, I am very fortunate to have Dalice as a colleague. She collaborates constructively with all members of the practice team and always keeps patients’ concerns at central focus with unfailing professionalism, warmth, humour and integrity. The social work profession has benefited enormously from her innovative contributions to making primary health care the one-stop community resource it needs to be".

Terry Donovan
Clinical Psychologist

"My knowledge of Dalice is that she is a committed and dedicated social worker who is clear about her professional role, acts with integrity and within an ethical framework at all times".

Gythlian Loveday, Registered Social Worker

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