We often hear the buzz words of ‘self care’ and the need to commit to it on a regular basis in the caring profession (and other professions) but, who really does it and what does it actually mean?

I think it’s personal and unique to an individual but, there is some frameworks you can use and create to make it a little more structured. Think Te Whare Tapa Wha (Mason Durie) for example or Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Or, google images of balance, wellness or self care wheels.

How about brainstorming and researching all things that support optimum holistic health. Then picking your faves’ from the list, then separating them into the months, then weeks and even the days of the coming year?

Maybe it’s adding a supplement or vitamin to your diet. Maybe it’s practising saying ‘No’ or practising saying ‘Yes’. Perhaps it’s about scaling back your commitments and/adding more JOYful things to your life. Maybe it’s seeing more family. Maybe it’s seeing less. Or selecting a few books you’d like to read by the end of the year. Learning about spirituality or prayer. Gathering old photos hidden in the cupboard and bringing them out into the light to be enjoyed! Taking a cooking class or having regular lie ins or days in bed. Initiating a courageous conversation…..

Work at your own pace, go slow, don’t overwhelm yourself. Let your intuition and JOY guide you. Which ones will be most pleasurable for you? Which ones are within your budget? Which one’s will bring you the most JOY?

Let’s commit to self care! Let’s commit to ourselves! Let’s discover what really works for us as individuals. Let’s really buzz with loads of feel good energy so that we can take this into our professional roles and demonstrate what it really means to take care of ourselves.

Happy New Year all – here’s to committing to YOU!