O to keep wandering aimlessly around my country!

A few days ago I decided to venture off on a journey with my dear Mum – Mary. I affectionately refer to it as “DrivingMissMary”. She affectionately refers to it as “GettinglostwithMissD” (Cheeky!). We headed south of the South Island, visited the beach of my Maori ancestary (Karitane) and climbed Nugget Point Lighthouse to name just a few stops.

And, we have since been nestled in a wee place called Owaka in the Catlins. We have and estuary and sea views from the lounge and across the road and every day we have climbed through NZ bush to see beautiful waterfalls. We have huffed and puffed and sighed in the glory of it all and today I feel immense gratitude.

Every day I have felt this, but today as we look to leave this spot I feel it even more and I am so grateful I chose to walk away from a Social Worker role that had begun to take at toll on me and walk bravely in the direction of providing professional external supervision to other Social Workers. Had I not done this, I don’t think I’d be here now enjoying this scenery and time with my dear Mum.

As I watch the state of our current world get more and more confusing, as the years tick by and I sometimes watch other Social Workers struggle on, I thank my lucky stars and bravery for making my life less stressful and more enjoyable. For me, it was the right thing at that time. As a Social Worker I had learned so much!

I do hope other Social Workers (and others in general)  find balance within their roles and sometimes busy lives. I do hope they find time to wander aimlessly making memories with their whanau and I do hope they keep striving to find quality reflection time to put it all in perspective!

May you all lie under a clear star filled Milky Way, gaze at a magnificent waterfall or into the Pacific ocean from a lighthouse that feels as though it is on the edge of the earth!

Keep taking time for you too!